Monday, July 2, 2012

Blessings, Shopping, Denny's.

i'm having a hard time finding time to blog with everything going on around these parts.but this weekend was just absolutely too fabulous to not blog about.

 saturday morning norman woke me up at 5:30 am and took me for an early morning denny's run.

if anyone knows anything about's that i love a good breakfast.

so of course norman knows this.
after we ate our  meal, we came back to the house filled with 7 other sleeping people and went to sleep for a few more hours.

it was the best little surprise date ever.

it's hard when you live in a house full of kids and people to find some alone time, so i am completely grateful to my husband for finding some time for us to enjoy each others company without interruptions.

then saturday afternoon kelsey, norman, myself, and the twin babies headed to utah beacuse my cousin {mekelle} was blessing her new baby boy on sunday.

we stopped in salt lake and had a delicious barbeque with my cousin jordan {mekelle's sister}, and her husband, jason. they were so kind to host us for an afternoon and we had a lot of fun. they live literally right across the street from temple square and have a gorgeous view! i was envious of their apartment....i won't even lie about it.

after lunch/dinner we headed over to the new city creek mall {kelsey hadn't seen it yet} and met up with mekelle and nick.

we shopped til we dropped {which doesn't take long for us girls...weirdly enough, all of us don't love shopping for long periods of time}.

the boys were so great though as we tried on clothes and shoes...they just pushed the 3 babies around in the strollers and waited for us at each store :) they are all so great.

as we were walking from city creek back to my cousins apartment..i snatched this photo :)

sunday was the baby blessing.
we drove to heber saturday night and stayed with my aunt cheryl {mekelle and jordan's mom}.

and sunday was absolutely fabulous.
the blessing was so sweet.
nick did such an amazing job and there was such a special spirit there as we blessed this new baby boy with a name.
it made me completely excited for that moment to come in my life. {don't hold your i'm not pregnant:)}
hearing nick get emotional as he held his new little infant in his arms surrounded by men that are worthy priesthood holders was really neat to see.

yes, mekelle and nick, i stole this from facebook :)

after the blessing we all went to nick's family's house and ate some delicious food that i am still full from.

i honestly have such an amazing family and am so grateful. i have truly been so blessed in that area and i love seeing my family create new families of their own.

such a wonderful weekend. :)

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  1. Ohhh Denny's... you do love yourself a good breakfast, Norm's a keeper for sure:) And oh how I love mekelle...and her baby! Oh and you...