Monday, June 25, 2012

Here's where i've been.

where have i been you ask?

superbusyville is where i've been.
i don't think i've even really been on an actual computer since i blogged last.

so this is what's been goin on:

1. still no news about my weird rock hard lump in my throat.
did an ultrasound that didn't tell us much, so next was some blood work....still waiting for those results.

2. my friends, melissa and kelsey, and i threw a baby shower for two of our other friends who are both having baby girls about two weeks apart.

bit of an awkward picture?...maybe.

we did a waffle bar...yum

3. i made the dean's list

4. my sister and her 4 beautiful children will be living with norm and i permamently so i've been hangin out with these guys a lot

sunday before church

took them to smiths in their jammie's to pick up something and they decided to model for me :) love them so much
the sweet twinners :)

5. then there was fathers day

my husband is....special :)

6.  Amanda {volleyball friend}, Kelsey {sister}, Katie {sister} and i played in a 4 on 4 volleball tournament and took 3rd out of about 12 teams. not too shabby.

7. my parents gave their mission "going away" talk in church which was fabulous

so to say the least.....i've been in busyville.....superbusyville.

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  1. How fun that they are pregnant together!... maybe you should join in on that fun;) Totally jealous that you got to play in a volleyball tourney.. fun! And as always, those kids are so dang adorable. Miss you