Friday, June 15, 2012

In sickness and in health.

i have been wanting to do a blog post for a couple days now but have not found the time....why? you ask?

cause i've been sick.

ugh...the worst.

i don't get sick very often so i am not really a great sick person. i'm a baby about it. but my husband is fabulous. loves to cuddle me and love on me to make me feel better. he's so great.

so i've been doing a lot of this:

which is a lot of pixar/dreamworks movies, snuggling with blankies i've had since i was 5, saltines, and my ipad.

it's been a good time.

but before i got sick i have been havin some good times.

norm and i had a date night where we went and got a snack at a gas station {big hunks of course}, then went to home depot to pick out everything we would want in our future dream house.
then on to Mckee's pet store of course to pick out our dream dogs.

they were adorable of course and we would've left with that dang black lab if we had the chance. she was so cute {norman even named her cheyenne} :)

then it was my sisters birthday....we of course had to go back to mckee's to hold the puppies:

13 years ago on kelsey's birthday she got a puppy just like this one. :( miss you sami girl. we thought about bringin this one home in memory of her.

this was the unfortunate day when my sickness kicked in with full force. not so fun.

sore throat.
swollen lymph nodes.
hot flashes.

it's been a blast.

i also have this weird lump in my neck that i had the opportunity to go get an ultrasound on to see what it is.
i'll keep you updated on that. :)

so that has been the recent happenings here at our home.
 not too shabby.


  1. Never FUN :( But there is always something nice about relaxing a little huh??

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Congrats on the hair license and Dean's List! That is AWESOME!

    1. It was nice takin a little break from school. :) but I'm feeling better now! That's the good news!