Monday, July 16, 2012


I finally did somthing summery, guys.

i went camping!

norman's mother's family has a reunion every year at Heise Hot Springs. {by the way....didn't know heise was spelled that way til like...this year....always thought it was "hi-c"...yes..just like the drink. most connections made in my brain are related to food}. 

it was so much fun. {although it rained most the time we were there}. we still had a fabulous time, i thought.

{yes, i realize my hair is a bloody mess...don't judge those with natural's harder than it looks}

we had a talent show the first night.

 norm helped his aunt out by accompanying her on the fly. {he really is super talented when it comes to guitar.... in my opinion...i might be bias?}

and he's so darn handsome.

i juggled....yes...juggled....while norman played some mexican bull fighting music in the background on the guitar. it was fabulous. we unfortunately didn't get it on video or a pic. but it was epic.

that night we got poured on and our tent was soaked! even on the inside..not that fun. but we made the best of it.

we even went swimming still. :) had some diving competitions in which norman took the hat for the biggest cannon ball {that's ma boy}

we also played this a lot:

 redneck golf

i love redneck golf.
 kinda like horseshoes...only....not.

so that is what we did this weekend. coming up this next weekend, we leave for our annual trip to priest lake, idaho. :) we are so excited and will be staying for a week. boating, fishing, smoring {is that a thing?}, basking, reading, relaxing. i love it.

but in the mean time: here are some other pics:

yes...i made an apple pie....from scratch...and turned out absolutely delicious. :)

hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh! That pie looks incredible!!!!!!!! WIsh I could taste it ;)

    1. Thanks jacy! It was very delicious..... I need to find another rEason to make it again ASAP.....

  2. Oh Morgyyy been waiting for a..a... well one of these idk. ok I haven't been waiting but I was happy when I saw it cause then it feels like I am around you again! these things just sound like you so much ..cheesymuch...but yeah have a wonderful vaca on this coming weekend:)

    1. EliLai!! I love that you look forward to my blogging efforts. You're a gem. :) and I miss you guys like crazy! Although I am enjoying our break. Hope your ombré is holding up well! :)