Wednesday, July 18, 2012

all packed for priest lake

so first, i just wanted everyone to know, that i attended my first baseball game ever last night:
{and yes...i know how the sport works...everyone who found out it was my first live game kept asking me if i knew the rules n such....yes i do......i watched sandlot my whole life...duh}

we went and supported our Idaho Falls Chuckars. Woot woot! {yeah they lost like 9-1....impressive}. But it was fun! it's only a minor league team though...we really want to go to a twins game someday...the major leagues are where the funs at...or so i hear. 

and now we are all packed and ready to head to priest lake, idaho! bright and early at 4 am we will venture on the 9 ish hour drive! but look at this:

 the 9 hour drive is completely worth it, right? :)

we love it up there. fresh mountain air, crystal clear freezing cold natural lake water, skiing, wake surfing, tubing, wakeboarding, sunbathing, reading, campfires, smores and roasted starbursts, hikes, walks on the beach at moonlight, speed {the card game....c'mon guys...}, family, food.

we will be there til next friday! lucky us. :)

but.... i have something fun happening this friday!

my friend, Kirsten Marshall....does a "fashion friday" on her blog, and this month she is featuring different peoples' style of makeup. and i was one of three to be picked. {don't know why...but whatev, i'm flattered}. so this friday i'll be featured over on her blog:

 so go check it out! i'll try to remind you on friday.... but i just might be soakin up the sun. 

hope everyone is doing very summery things themselves!!'s oh so very refreshing for the soul :)

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  1. have so much fun! i'll be camping next weekend too! i'm so excited :) PLUS can't wait to see you on kir's blog!