Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Popular notions are stupid.

day 26: 30 for 30

what popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?

this honestly might be one of those "morgan....that was a little too far..." kind of posts. and my dad would probably be so embarrassed if he read this, but it's what i honestly think, so here it goes:


i think the world has the idea of sex and what it's supposed to mean and what it's supposed to be all wrong. more than all wrong.

i was one who didn't have sex until i was married.
and i'm so glad i waited til then.

i grew up being taught that you wait til marriage to have sex.
and they tell you why, but i never really got it until i was married.

the world exploits sex in every way possible.

movies have inappropriate sex scenes.
affairs are commonplace.
songs constantly talk about it.
magazines have half naked women on them.
pornography is everywhere.

it honestly breaks my heart that something so special has been made into something nasty, "kinky", and objective.

my wedding night was incredible.

i won't go into much detail because it is something sacred and special to me, but it was something i'll never forget.
it brings you close together in a way that only two people completely committed to each other in a marriage should be. {in my opinion}

i won't elaborate much further, but i just think the world has it so wrong when it comes to sex.

it shouldn't be dirty.
it shouldn't be out in movies and music and all over the internet.

since i've been married, going to a movie with a super descriptive {for lack of a better term} sex scene offends me more than it used to. before...i didn't get it. now that i've experienced how neat it really is to share that moment with someone you truly love and who loves you back and is committed to you for forever, i get it.

this particular popular and ever so growing notion is very very stupid. :)


  1. Morgan, I love this post! I waited until my wedding might also. And you are right, two people coming together who have saved themselves for each other is a beautiful thing. Another sign that the way God created things is the best! He truly blesses us. Thanks!
    Alesha <3

    1. thanks for your comment alesha! it really is so special isn't it?

  2. hah you are the best. I'm glad you wrote about what you really think! Agreed:)

  3. Good girl Morgan! You said it beautifully. Even if your Dad is embarrassed, it'll be a very proud embarrassed.