Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm such a loser...

i'm such a loser.

i have been the worst blogger ever lately!
we have just been so busy, i tell ya!
but things have finally slowed down.

we have been...

makin some of these

they were delicious by the way...wanna make them again.....asap

writing some talks...

we had to speak in church on sunday....ugh. luckily it went really good. norman dominated.

havin some neices sleepover :)

then we had memorial day

norm with london and rian

me, kelsey, dad, mom, katie

on memorial day we went to idaho falls to my uncle and grandma's graves.
afterwards we went out to my aunts house, had a delicious lunch, played some football, ran around....what not.

then we moved.

i hate moving.

and i didn't take one picture because i was so busy trying to move as quickly as possible. and we had so much help from mine and norman's family, they were so great and made it go fairly quickly.

but now we are currently moved and i finally have a computer at my fingertips again.

thank goodness! :)


  1. yay welcome back to the blogging world :) missed you!

    1. haha thanks hailey....i know..it's been too long.

  2. oh gosh, i hate moving too! the mister and i will be moving in just a few short weeks. no fun!
    but all of these pictures look like so much fun! and i need to make these desserts. SO funny!
    xo TJ

    1. where are you guys moving to? i hate it so much. ugh! but yes...make some homemade oreos ASAP because they are oh so delicious!