Monday, May 14, 2012

Family dynamics.

day 24: 30 for 30

describe your family dynamic of your childhood vs. your family dynamic now


isn't this photo rad?
my family "dynamic" as a kid was something like this:

i remember not getting along with my sisters.
i was the youngest and therefore the taddle tale {no idea how you spell that...don't think i have ever tried} of the family. didn't make for a very positive environment when it came to my sisters. :)

when i was young, my sister, linsey, and i were super close, and kelsey and katie {middle children} were close. we had fun times together and our family as a whole was close.

when teenage years hit, dynamic changed drastically.

half my family had moved out and my sister and i, {kelsey} were the only ones left home and became really close.

then she left for college and it was me, my mom, and dad...and the dynamic changed again. i was now basically the "only child"

there was lots of teenage drama and arguments with parents. but also a lot of fun and love and laughs.

family dynamic now:

the original 6
now...things are again different.

we are all married, and all my sisters have kids.

this is what we look like now:

and since this picture was taken, my sister on the far left added 2 new ones to the family:

took this while i was in P.R. (Quinn and Rian)

so now our family is spread across the globe.

one sister in the caribbean,
one in florida,
and the other here with me, in idaho :)

we are all still extremely close and stay in touch via skype, texting, fun visits {we got to go to puerto rico and florida this year} and we all get along fabulously.

the brother in laws are all very different but tolerate each other i believe :) and we all have a good time together.

we love playing games, and the nieces love to play with each other.

so in my opinion, my family has always had a good family "dynamic".
 we all get along well, we all consider each other friends.

i love my family so much and love the relationships i've gained with them over the years.



  1. I loved reading this! You have an awesome family Morgan! :)

    1. Oh thank you so much Jess! You are sweet. :)