Thursday, May 10, 2012

beach, shoppin, food.

so i don't want to do anymore of the 30 for 30 until i get back inside the united states i you'll all have to anxiously wait for that {i know you are....}

so for now i'll give you an update on what i've been doing all week in Puerto Rico.

we went to the beach:

we aren't the kind of "look good while on the beach/swimming" type of people...and we're fine with it.

sand angels!
the twins. sorry i couldn't get the pic to flip...i'm not used to the computer i am currently using.

we went shopping:

i had my niece, london, hold my phone while we were in the dressing room....she found the camera
and i got some super cute sandals and a new pair of shorts {needed badly}

and makin apple pie:

this was before we put it in the oven...looks delicious am i right? 

homemade! YUMMMMO!

on the agenda for tonight:

-finish packing
-get some ice cream at maggie moo's {it's like puerto rican cold stone}
-watch grey's anatomy

so that's what we've been doin here in this bloody hot weather in puerto rico!

tomorrow we all fly home!

2 flights, one layover, and a 2 hour car ride home with 7 month old twins, a 5 year old, and a 3 year old.


{i'll let you know if i still want kids after this is through} 

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