Thursday, April 19, 2012

Embarrassed? Me?

day 10: 30 for 30

describe your most embarrassing moment.

so....folks...we have a problem here.

cause i have wracked my brain.
asked my husband.
asked my sister.

and i cannot think of a most embarrassing moment.

i haven't had anything happen to me that scarred me enough to be a most embarassing moment i guess.

moments that most refer to as "embarrassing" make me laugh hard. and because it's usually so makes it not that embarrassing.

i have some mini stories that are funny memories though:

*like that moment when i'm talking to my cousin in the movie theater and i'm like screaming so she can hear me over the preview that is currently playing....and then the preview stops as i'm still was great.

*or that time i asked the sister missionary in our ward who is from south africa if she had to learn english when she came on her mission here, or if she already knew it {because she had a really strong accent} and then later my dad told me that english is her first

*or that one time i'm in the middle of a great volleyball game at a tournament and the ball is coming my way and i am positive it's going out of bounds so i put my foot on the line and call it out, and it bounces off my foot...even better.

*then you have that moment at work when a guy comes in to look at wedding rings, brings his sister for some help...and i ask if it's his mom....i'm an idiot.

*and of course the time where my cousins told me these treats were these new oreos...i ate was her dogs dog treats....yummo!

i've got loads of silly stories like these that have occurred throughout my lifetime, but nothing has been what i would consider "most embarrassing."

all are just funny to laugh at.

really i'm just a big weirdo that has a hard time taking anything too serious.


happy thursday! :)


  1. hahaha Morg, you definitely know how to make me laugh!

  2. The reason that you just have funny moments and not embarrassing moments is mostly because you are confident in yourself and who you are so things are not embarrassind just funny to laugh at. And its always good when we can laugh at ourselves. Heaven knows I have had plenty of times to laugh at myself:)

  3. agreed, you are a big weirdo :) haha I can think of so many little funny memories like that. you are so great!