Saturday, April 21, 2012

Petting peeves.

day 11: 30 for 30

describe 10 pet peeves you have

so my friend, kirsten just did her pet peeve post a few days ago and to be honest, it's an excellent list...cause everything on there, also bothers me quite a bit.

so before i begin, go check hers out here.

1. being asked a lot of questions in a row. especially via text.
a couple questions is ok....get in to more than that?'re pushin it.

2. health freaks.
of course keep it in control but,

you're gonna die when you're gonna die so, eat what you want.

3. one-uppers/interupters/know it alls.
i feel that usually when you're one of these things, you're all three....and it starts to rub my pet peeve nerve.

4. when people who haven't seen a movie talk through the whole thing and then ask what's going on.

5. when people write "lol" and "omg" and "ur" etc etc.

6. when you're helping someone whether it be in your job or just in general, and then they're super rude to you.

7. those who are self absorbed. who can't think of others unless it benefits them in some way.

8. gossip.
i know i'm not blameless for this, but it is soooo annyoing.

9. when parents don't dicipline their children.

10. those who talk and have all these strong opinions about something they probably know nothing/very little about.

"those you talk don't know, and those who know, don't talk"

it's kinda hard comin up with 10 pet peeves, but there are some things that are pet peeves, and some that just annoy me.

enjoy :)

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