Sunday, April 8, 2012

Birthday Boy...

april 5, 2012

norman's birthday. :)

and let me just say, i am so glad he was born.

because if he wasn't born, i wouldn't be married to him currently, and if i wasn't married to him currently, my life wouldn't be near as fabulous.

i can't imagine not being married to my boo cause he is absolutely wonderful, so therefore, this birthday i spoiled him dearly. :)

first off: i got him a mountain bike {that he picked} 

if you want to know more about it, you'll have to ask him, i don't know anything about a good mountain bike, i rode a mongoose for goodness sake. once i started dating norman i quickly found out that wasn't going to be acceptable. :)

norman's birthday celebration lasted a whole weekend really.

on Thursday, his actual birthday, we went over to his parents house for dinner {deli of his favs} and he received the money, a shirt, and the movie rocket man. :)

i also surprised him with season 2 of modern family. we love that show. 


then friday he was mine all mine.

after we both got out of school, we watched a couple episodes of modern family, then headed to idaho falls for
olive garden
norm's other favorite thing is noodles :) 

it was delicious!

at dinner i surprised him with his final gift:

rodeo tickets

he mentioned a while back that he wanted to go.
and neither of us have been since we were kids, so i thought it'd be a good present.

i think he was almost more excited for this than he was his mountain bike...

then saturday was the final celebration:
us, and my parents went over to katie and cameron's house {sister and bro in law} and we had dinner {made our own pizzas, it was delicious} and dessert and played games.

singing happy birthday

 so all in all it was a pretty good birthday i think.
he said it was one of the best he's had in a long time, so that made me feel better. :) i wanted his big 23rd to be special.

i am honestly so blessed to have him in my life and although life isn't always roses and fairy fields, i love sharing the ups and the downs with him. he makes everything so much fun and truly cares for others. i learn so much from him and grow everyday from the example he gives me. 

i love you norman.
thanks for being born.
happy birthday 


  1. I just want to say a little somethin about my sweetheart. Ever since I got to be about seventeen or so I stopped caring too much about my birthday. And since then i havent been over joyed at the fact of an approaching birthday. This year Morgan changed that. The best present she gave me was the fact that she cared so much that I felt special even if I didn't care to. It really meant a lot to me and probably isn't surprising to all of you who know Morgan. She did spoil me rotten but she set the bar just with the concern she showed for me to enjoy the week. Anyway I'm starting to ramble but morg I love you and am grateful for the wonderful person you are and am grateful and privileged to have you for my best friend. Loves!

  2. you are a good wifey! and go Norm!

  3. What a lovely post!!!! And I LOVE your blog!!!!

    I totally missed your comment on my blog asking where I live.... Sorry!! I'm in Salt Lake City!! Not too far from you... Lol... Love your live story of how you two came to be!!! SO GREAT! Eager to get to know you better, M!!!!

    I'm following you now!!! Sorry it took forever!!!!! ;)


    1. Rats!

      **love your love story** darn iPhone ;)

    2. Jacy! thanks for your comments and thanks for bein here! you are very sweet. and salt lake city is not far at all! fun! where are you from originally?