Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reunions, Conference, Malls, and a White Afro...

I'm gonna do a little recap on the rest of our spring break and my first day back at school. It went as follows:

we had a normans missions reunion at his mission presidents house in Alpine, UT.

their house is amazing to say the least. very beautiful. and the company was even better.
norman got to see some old mission buddies he hasn't seen since the mish, and i got to meet them. it was a ton of fun.
we also had a spiritual thought and "30 second testimonies" and the spirit was so strong. it was a great way to kick off general conference weekend.

this is norman and some of the elders he served with

norman also got his birthday present a little early while we were in salt lake!! but i won't reveal that yet til his actual birthday...

then we had general conference.

normans parents had tickets for a session on saturday, so they went and we stayed in the hotel and watched it in the comfort of our pj's. :)

it was amazing to say the least.
this years conference was full of inspirational talks and motivates me to want to improve in so many ways i can't get to get started.

after conference on saturday, joy {mother in law}, heather {sister in law}, and myself went to check out the new City Creek Mall.

bein that it was conference weekend....there were a ton of people there. it was gettin kinda crazy.

but we did a little shopping and i found some awesome deals.
shirt for $8.00 and a belt for $6.00
i love bargain shopping :)

then sunday we finished up conference and went home.

it was so uplifting.
conference just seems to get better and better.

Monday: back to school we were. Ugh... same old same old...we are currently learning how to wrap perms so we did some more of that.

however on tuesday...we got to wrap them on each other :)

now obviously we don't put the solution on it to actually perm it, but we let them dry and then took them out after lunch.

here are the results: it was epic

this is my friend, Ali :) we both did the same size rollers


we decided to add a little somthin somethin to her hairs, so i did this

our whole class

it was soooo funny and we had a lot of laughs.

only 3 1/2 more weeks of school.....
except then i have summer school..bummer...but then i'll be out on the floor taking appointments! YAY! so if anyone needs a haircut, color, wax, pedicure, manicure, perm, or whatever you want come the month of May, i will be in business :)


  1. I love the perm!! You look like Annie!! Too cute! :]

  2. I was going to say the same annie comment! haha Love reading your blog! You're so good at keeping it updated (unlike me :/) haha miss you guys! Hope school continues to go well!

  3. I was thinking exactly the same. Annie all the way!!!

  4. I was thinking if she comes home like that again.....I'm not walkin through the door. Scared me half to death the first time.

  5. MORG.....please do your hair like that everyday for the rest of my life. I don't think I can ever stop laughing. :) hahahaha I LOVE IT!