Wednesday, March 7, 2012


norm and i occasionally like to hold little myth buster moments in our home.

my cousin {mekelle, who is a 4th grade school teacher} told norm and i once that she did an experiment in her class where if you hold an egg with one hand {length wise} and squeeze really will never break it.

well about a year ago i tried this...and i could not get it to crack with my one hand. {but then i used both hands and it went EVERYWHERE}

so as i was making muffins tonight norm decided he wanted to try it. he grabbed an egg, went over to the sink {remembering what happened with me last time and the mess i made} and tested the theory.... didn't take him long to shatter the egg and leave nothing but shell in his hand and protein all over the kitchen and me. 

norm with the broken shell in his hand

my arm...and the wall behind me...

the wall up close

 it was pretty humorous...i was laughing pretty hard. and after he cleaned it all up...we found more spattered all over the cork board we have in our kitchen.

who knew one egg could spread so far.

consider this theory:



  1. ok let me clarify....I am now a third grade teacher, but last year I was a fourth grade teacher. and we didn't do this in of my students did this for his science fair project haha and norm must have done it wrong because it's a real myth...there were pictures of weights on top of the eggs....75 pounds haha you have to do multiple experiments to prove your hypothesis...gosh didn't you learn anything in science? haha :)

  2. Mekelle...norm here....where can I find the rules? I'm keenly interested! Haha