Sunday, March 4, 2012

New hairs and hunger....

So... a friend of mine (ali) and i have recently pondered in cosmetology school whether or not we should cut our hair off or not....

we both have thin hair that was about the same length and both had a lot of damage to it as well. We wanted long luscious hair {that pretty much all the other girlies in our class have} but knew that ours was never gonna look like that because of the damage, and the thin..ness.

so, we basically made a pact.
we wanted our hair to look healthy.
we wanted it to look thicker.
so our conclusion? cut it off.

here's my hairs -5 1/2 inches later:

and i LOVE it :)

Also, in 19 days and counting...

The Hunger Games
comes out in theaters!
my sister was kind enough to get norm and i tickets the very SECOND they went on sale :)
we are all STOKED to go.
midnight premier. 
12:01 am.


  1. No fair, I wanna go to the midnight showing!... too bad I have a child huh. haha. And i SERIOUSLY love your hair, cute length on you and it looks SO healthy!

  2. LOVE the hur!!...and that reminds me, i need to snatch up some tickets! unless they're all gone. Then I will be sad.

  3. Linds: thank you soooooo much for the hair comment :) I sure love it. And I am pretty sure it's not too bad you have a should have 12 more if they all turn out like little eclair. :)

    Kir: also... Thanks on the hair and you HAVE to get tickets to the premier cause you guys HAVE to come with us!! :)