Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Feb 29, 2012

Leap day.

How often do i get to blog on leap day? ...not that often...therefore, i thought i would optimize this opportunity.
i mean it only comes around once every 4 years.

in four years i hope to be/will be:

      graduated and good at what i do {me AND norm}
have a baby
26 years old
     living in Washington {or europe}

that's all i got for now.

Well norman and i were talking on tuesday night thinking:
you know what...leap day only comes once every 4 years...we gotta make it somewhat memorable. or have some kind of weird tradition.

weird...norman and i are good at weird. so this was not hard for us to figure out.

we looked up different traditions of leap year and basically it only talks about how a woman is given the "privilege" of proposing to a man....however in greece, it's bad luck to get married in the leap year, so people avoid it.

i am one that loves learning about other countries traditions and superstitions and it was fun.

well most of the things we read basically talked about how if a man rejects a woman's proposal on leap day they have to give them gloves. it was odd...i know.

so norm and i simply decided:
every leap day we would go to dinner and wear gloves. any kind of glove {or as we like to say "glub"} 
ski gloves
latex gloves
any glove you want
 then afterwards do some kind of activity with the family. Didn't matter what, just something to look forward to.

So this year, norm and i strapped on our gloves:  

and headed to pizza pie cafe!

luckily, both our glubs had flaps, and mine even had a little thumb whole for me to stick my thumb out of.
So ate with glubs we did...
which in poky in freezing weather, wasn't that weird to anyone really. 

then when we got home, we got in our pj's...bundled up and norman played the guitar while we both sang songs together.

quite the successful leap day i would say

here's to many more! :)


  1. you two KILLL me. you seriously have the cutest traditions already! love everything about you two! (AND LOVED your cute comments on my blog. score, someone DOES read it! haha!) happy leap year you crazies!

  2. Man...i really need to stop reading these things. It always just makes me miss you two more than I already do :( ! I love you two, its ridiculous! Now, I think I'll go hide in a corner and cry like Golum!

  3. haha you're the best. i lub your glubs. great tradition!

  4. Looks and sounds like a very fun tradition! Gotta love traditions.....always brings a family closer I think:)