Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Its ma birfday.....

I'm 22!!

Feels about the same as 21....hmm..

Well anyhow..i had a fabulous weekend, and luckily for me...President's Day weekend is always around my birthday time. And since my birthday was Saturday...and we didn't have school Monday...i had a LONG weekend of celebrating. { and telling norman every time i wanted something...even if it wasn't my birthday...that it was my's birthweek at our house...not birthday :) }

Birthday Celebrations went as follows:

They kicked off friday night when Norm and i went over to his parents house for dinner with the in laws and grandparents.
 It was so good. Joy {mother in law} is the best cook ever.
and friday was no disappointment.
We had my favorite: breakfast for dinner.
scrambled eggs
fruit and yogurt
and then i requested some of her creamy red potatoes...didn't really "go" with the meal..but they are my fav.

It was a fabulous evening and they all spoiled me rotten. i am extremely blessed to have such great in laws. i love them so much!

{my actual day of birth}

Norman had me all to himself {well..mostly} on Saturday.
We began the day off perfectly by making our monthly trip to the temple to do some sealings. I hadn't done them before and it was really a neat experience.

Then afterward, norm whispered to me to meet him in the basement for lunch in the temple cafeteria. YUMMO! 

driving to the Idaho Falls

i didn't get a picture myself, so this'll have to do.

After lunch, Norm told me that my birthday present was that we now got to go to the mall and go SHOPPING!!

He gave me a spending limit of course {or i could've gone crazy} 
So we headed off to Target and the mall and such. It was great. I have had a recent urge to want to shop lately...and it's been bad. So this birthday present was fabulous.

After shopping we were gonna go eat at Olive Garden with our gift card from Christmas, but we were both still too full from lunch, so we went and got oreo milkshakes. {both our favorites}

We finished off our evening back in Pocatello by going to a friend of mine's reception, and then to my sisters house to practice a song that her and i would be singing Sunday in church.


We attended church with my sister and her family because, as i mentioned earlier, Katie asked me to sing with her for her lesson she was teaching. i think it went well...

then we went to my parents house for a birthday celebration. Which included dinner and my favorite cake:
BTS cake 

singing happy birthday to me


NO SCHOOL! So therefore, my mom, my sister, and i went shopping! {again} 
We finished up getting the things we "needed" and then my mom took my sister and i to Chili's :) it was a fabulous day and we had a lot of fun.

So...that was my birthday weekend. It was definitely a great way to bring in the 22nd year of life :)

Now for school:

Norman has been continuing to work hard and has been taking quizzes and tests every other day it feels like. But he's doing well.

I get to have a little more fun:
Although i also have to take tests and quizzes, we get to do a lot of hands on things.
We began haircutting last week and get to continue working on that for another 2 or 3 weeks i believe.
we've had a lot of fun and i'm catching on to the ways of hair :)

my first haircut

It has been a great...BEYOND great birthday and week and i am so blessed to have the people in my life that i do. I love them all so very much, especially that beautiful husband of mine. He is the sweetest person on this here planet and i am the luckiest girl in the world to be married to him for eternity. NOT just while here on this earth in this life...but i get him forever. I feel so blessed to know that.

Thanks everyone for making my birthday so very special. i love you and i thank you. :)

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  1. wow, that does sound like a fabulous birthday. You deserved it!