Thursday, February 16, 2012


Norman and I had an absolutely WONDERFUL ValentiMes day. :) 

Yes I was always one of those haters on Valentines day when I was single....but it's only cause I was jealous. Cause having a Valentine FOREVER is so much fun.

First of all...

Us Pocatello kids got a little bit of snow the other day {don't worry, it's gone now} And i walked out of my apartment and i thought it looked SO beautiful. So i had to pause and take a picture before i scuffled off to school.

So Norman and i started partying the weekend before Valentine's Day.

We went to dinner to Texas Roadhouse with some friends, Tyeson Mitton and his new girlfriend, Jade. This was the first time {for me} meeting her and i thought she was fabulous! 

Then after a filling dinner, as Texas always is, we went to THE VOW! it was so great. Norman and i approved. Even if it was terrible i probably would've liked it anyway just because Rachel McAdams is one of my favorite actresses. She didn't let me down.
LOVED the film. 

So norm and i alternate who plans what events each year. So the year that he plans what we do on our anniversary, i plan Valentine's day. So this v-day was mine...

We decided to keep it simple, since we're poor college students. But here's what we did:

Before he got home, I set up our living room with candles and a little dinner setting on our coffee table.


I got Geraldine's sandwiches, Sparkling Cider, Sun Chips, and a TWIX bar for my boo....all of his favorites.

I also got him a zip up hoodie and set it next to his sandwich :) 

After dinner we made a fort in our living room.

haven't made one in years and it was about time to bust out all our billions of blankets we got from our wedding and what not and put them to good use. 
{for some reason i remember them being a lot harder to build when i was younger}

 Then we set up a little bed and the laptop inside and we popped some KETTLE CORN and i let norm pick out what we were going to watch.

So of course: an episode of Chuck. :)

It was fabulous evening and we had a lot of fun together, like we always do. 

We had a bit of a struggle with the gift norman got me, but 2 days later...i did receive it.

and what was it you ask???:

a back massager! YAY!

Norm and i have always kinda joked about getting one cause i ask him for massages CONSTANTLY {i can't help it, he's so good at them} so i finally got one...i'll have to let you know how it works.

Now, i REALLY like February, because not only do i get to celebrate valentine's day with my favorite person in the whole entire world! BUT...4 days's my birfday. :)

22 here i come!

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  1. Just keep doing those fun little things together your whole life and you will have a great life together!! It doesn't take a lot of money to have fun!