Thursday, February 9, 2012


What has been going on lately:

1: Norman and I whipped out some JENGA! A game neither of us had played in a long time and both thoroughly enjoy.

2: My WONDERFUL father turned 57!

3: I started Cosmetology at ISU and am LOVING it thus far.

below are some pictures to illustrate: 

This is one of our many beautiful drawings illustrating some kind of skin situation: this time...the mole....therefore...Cindy Crawford. :)

My friend Ali sitting with her mask...I'm giving her a facial and she fell asleep....I'm just that good guys...

The rest of the girlies chillaxin with their masks on.....kinda cute...kinda cozy...kinda creepy.

We also learned how to wax: including our noses.......didn't hurt too bad :)
from L to R: EliLai, Me, My instructor, Sandy

My class.....waiting to pull the sticks out....AHHHH!

School continues on and I'm learning a lot of new things and loving it! Norman is also working very hard in school and is enjoying himself as much as he can. :)

We DO have some fun news coming up though.

While sitting in Church on Sunday, I think I had an epiphany. So I leaned over to Norman and said:

"Norm.....should we go to Florida for spring break?"

and of course he said:



And that was that...the next day we bought our tickets and are EXTREMELY excited to go see my sister, brother in law, and three BEAUTIFUL little girls that I haven't seen since my wedding.
We can't wait!



  1. So glad to see you two are doing so well. We have missed you so much over the last year+ and we are too very excited to have you come visit us.

  2. You two are fun! I wanna go to Florida! Hey, remember that lady sitting next to me when you were doing my nails and how she was listening to every word were saying. We should have made something up to freak her out hehe.

  3. Jarom: we are soooooo excited to come see you guys :) can't wait either. And kir.... We tooootally should've made up some creeper story. That would've been hilarious.