Monday, March 12, 2012

Monumentous Moment.....

today was very much so a monumental moment for me.
it was the first time in my fresh cosmetology career that i cut a real life human persons hair.

we have been cutting on manikin heads for about 3 ish weeks now and today we were asked to get at least 2 people to allow us to practice on them for free.

i was scared out of my mind.

a. this was my family and i can't screw up my own dang family's hair.
b. i wasn't used to shoulders.
c. i wasn't used to pliable ears.
d. i wasn't used to moving scalp.
e. i wasn't used to any other kind of hair but thick and coarse (which the manikins have)

so needless to say, i had nightmares the night before that i forgot everything i learned and didn't know how to do it anymore and screwed up all their hairs.


today was a success thanks to my wonderful family.

first client was:


this was katie post hair wash

she was such a good sport and i couldn't have asked for a better person for my first haircut to be on. i kept telling her how nervous i was and the things i was nervous about and she didn't lose confidence in me at all. just kept building me up saying i would do fine. and it made me do just that. :)

thanks katie

i cut about 3 1/2 inches off her her hair and gave her some layers and bangs :) it turned out super cute. 

katie post hair cut/styling
very cute.

next up:
my dear ma.

after seeing katie on her way out, my ma was a little less nervous for me to cut her hair because she saw how well katie's turned out.


she also was so good and had all the confidence in the world with me. so thankful for family. they have so much confidence in me and it made me feel really great.

i cut about 2 inches off of my moms hair and also gave her layers and fixed up her bangs {she cut them herself.....cardinal rule number 1 of hair.....never....cut your own bangs.....unless you know how} ;) 

i didn't get a before picture of her.
but this is her after i was all done. 

{she was also a great tipper} :)

then, my sweet sister and her husband brought me chinese for lunch because as i was doing her hair i mentioned i was gonna have to run grab some food before dad got there for his haircut, and how i should've brought something for lunch. sweet of them.

third and last client of the day:
 my dad 

came in eating a kit kat and his chocolate obsessions.

i forgot to snag a picture of him.

but his was pretty simple.

clippers all over the head....trim up the eyebrows, ears and neck.

he did however get his very first shampoo in the bowl....not sure he enjoyed it. i think he prefers to wash his own hair. :)

{he's also a great tipper} 

So overall it was a fabulous day and i am so grateful for such a wonderful and supportive family who trust me.

i love you all so much!


  1. Morgan, you did a fabulous job on all of us and I would totally recommend you right now to anybody! Love you!! It was fun..Oh and FYI unlike dad.....I LOVED having you wash and massage my head:)

  2. I agree with mom. I would send people your way. It was fun and really it was funny listening to you and the others talk about being so nervous and not sure what to do about shoulders...and my knees for my bangs. Besides getting poked in the corner of my eye a few times...didn't even did very good and I turned out awesome. :) great job ya.

  3. Oh my heck. I love your mom and Katie's hair! You did such a good job!!