Friday, March 23, 2012

Midnight Madness....

The Hunger Games

yes...yes..i went to the midnight premier of hunger games...and stood in an obnoxiously long line for an obnoxiously long time behind some very VERY obnoxious kids...and....
it was totally worth it

so here's how the day went down:
my sister and i had gotten our tickets weeks in advance to make SURE we were gonna get a ticket.
well a couple weeks before the premier, my mom asks katie {sister} and i to come to this production of "women at the well" that her stake was doing, well...when she told me the date was Thurs, March 22....i was worried. that was the night to be lined up for hunger games....and it was gonna be big.
well..we decided to go with my mom...and forgo a early seat in line.
during "women at the well" i kept getting texts from friends saying how long the line was getting and how crazy it was.
this made me unnerved.
but i said... nope... the Lord will bless me for forgoing my place in line to be spiritually fed for an hour or so... 
this statement was really more of a joke, but turned out to be the real deal :)
so we get to the theater at about 8:30pm and we are sooooooooooo far back in line it's ridiculous. 
 {see the line of people starting from inside the theater and running out the door to the fence and down?}

so we start chatting and i'm just looking around watching people crowd n such and i'm getting nervous that we are not gonna get good seats, or seats so we could all sit we were planning to split up into 2 and 3 {there were 5 of us}...

once our line finally got inside the building is when the magic happened:

i was people watching {a trait i picked up from my dad, who was with us...we were both in people watching heaven} and i see one of the managers of the theater walk/running our way. so she says:
"i need a group of 4!"
well...thats no good....we had a group of 5.. bummer
so the people in front of us run over with her.
then she says:
"and i need a group of 5!"
well i yelled sooo loud "MEEE!!" as i raised my hand {haha} and she said ok come with me!
so we followed her and she said the best words:
"ok you guys are in theater 1, there are 5 seats all together"
{theater 1 is the one of the two biggest theaters}
we walk in.....there they are....seats all together...second row...per.....fect. :)

it made my night.

so...some friends and other people i know waited in line from 4 o clock that day...thats like 7 hours....and i waited from 8:30....and got just as good of seats as they did..
if not better. :)
it was so great.
so really...the Lord did bless me and i wasn't even bein serious about it.
and the movie was absolutely up to par. i loved every second of it and now love peeta even MORE!! {he was so cute in the movie i wanted to die}

so there you have it.
an extremely long post about seating at a movie.
if you know me though....
you know movies are a big deal to me...
so therefore..the a big deal to me. :)

here's my crew i was with:

Katie and Cam

heather, me, and my dad

this was my dad's first premier and he was a champ! he had no idea how crazy it gets. but i knew he was happy to be here cause if you know my know he doesn't smile well in pictures....its pretty terrible in fact and us daughters make fun of him relentlessly for it....but in this photo....
that is a genuine clifford happy smile :)
love him.

had such a great time and unfortunately norm couldn't come with us, he had to work too early the next day, but i can't WAIT to go back asap and take him with me.


  1. LOVE dad!!!! That smile makes my heart happy! And I wish I could have been there with you guys. I'm used to standing in those lines with you. :( Oh well...i still got to see the movie and LOVED IT!!! I want to jump Peeta's bones! :D ha ha ha

  2. I love your "where they are now" blurb. What a wonderful story! Eager to get to know you better :)

    1. Hey jacy! Thanks for cOmmenting! I too am eager to get to know you. I read Part of your blog and you seem like quite the woman!