Thursday, February 23, 2017

a little closer to 30...

so i've been really bad at taking pictures lately...i barely got these... and as you can see... we all look a little homeless. haha. but i had to document my birthday!! because it was a good one. i felt so loved this year as i turned the whopping 27!! ... can't believe i'm in my "late 20's" now.. the closer i get to 30 the more weird i feel about it. haha.

but this year was simple and fabulous. so my husband thinks that i celebrate "birthday week" which...i kind of do... but i need to clarify... "birthday week" is more something i can call when i don't want to do something, or if i DO want to do something. say....i don't want to do the dishes so i say... norman can you do the dishes, it's my birthday....week. :) haha. anyway..norman always jokes about this now so he did a cute little post every day of my birthday week on instagram expressing a reason why he loves me each day. i looked forward to them every day. 

my actual birthday was on saturday, but friday night we went to pocatello and had cake and ice cream with my in-laws and my sisters family. it was great!! then on saturday we came back home, norman gave me money for shopping and i got to go out ALL BY MYSELF while my kids stayed home with norman. it was heaven. then i came back, we got some dinner at red robin as a family (pictures above are from the lobby waiting to be seated) :) then we came home, put kids to bed, and norman and i pulled out some popcorn, milk duds, and peanut butter m'n'm's and we watched Jason Bourne cause we hadn't seen it yet. it really was the perfect day. i felt so loved all week...norman really hit up all my love languages. 

THEN on monday my mother in law came to IF and took me to get lunch and a pedicure with my sister-in-laws while my father in law watched my kids. it was FABULOUS. i felt so spoiled.

anyway!!!! ....i can feel that 27 is going to be a good year.

also, while we are here and for my own sake i wanted to document quickly what we did for v-day...norm was in charge this year...we went out to puerto vallarta ... which was delicious and then got some hot chocolate and drove around asking get to know ya questions and seeing how many we could guess correctly about the other person. it was really nice. 

ps....the movie norman could watch the rest of his life and never watch any other movie again.... any guesses????? almost heroes. hahah that's why i love him :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!! :) Love the photos.