Wednesday, December 16, 2015

the reece's x 3 1/2

family pictures this year were a BREEZE! a: norman was on board with the whole matching jammies for family pictures idea so it made my life easier. b: i didn't have to try to plan outfits for everyone that "coordinated". c: my sister took them which is always comfortable and we feel like we can be ourselves. and d: we did it inside on a bed so no red noses from the cold, or worrying about the weather, or trying to find the right "scenery" etc, etc. 

i may just take family pictures in pajamas every year!
(in fact...i loved how these turned out so much i couldn't use just i used 9 on our christmas card!!! :)

when we were done and driving home i realized that this is the last time we will take family pictures with just the THREE of us! AHH! norman and i always say how it's going to be so weird having two kids. because when you have one kid, you still feel "young" and "new" or whatever you want to call it....but once you have TWO're a full on family. i mean, some people stop having kids at two! some people stop at one, too, but get my point? (and no....we don't plan to stop at 2....).

anyway...moral of the story is, it'll feel so different to be a family of 4! it just feels more....legit. hah. 

BUT--- only one and a half more days until we are worry free and ready to party! my husband is in his second to last semester and is finished with finals on friday morning. then we are headed to pocatello to stay with family for 2 weeks!!! we have so much fun planned and i can't wait to get it all started. i love this time of year and there's just something about being in the home of your childhood that makes it feel that much better.

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  1. These photos are seriously amazing! :) Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!