Wednesday, December 9, 2015

28 weeks with baby girl

28 weeks. i have hit the third trimester!
(excuse my lame iphone bad lighting pictures....ain't nobody got time to take fancy belly pics..well some do....)

this pregnancy has gone by in a flash for me. i mean with grant, i felt like it draaaaaaagged...i knew EXACTLY how far along i was every day and how long i had left. with this one i find myself having to check my "what to expect when you're expecting" app just to find out how far along i am. 

as far as this pregnancy goes...i think this little one sits higher than grant did. she's all up in my ribs and my diaphragm making it hard for me to breathe if i ever have to do ANYTHING strenuous. as of the last couple nights i have increasingly become more and more uncomfortable, causing multiple wake ups throughout the night...ugh. and the fatigue guys.....THE FATIGUE!!!! it's so much worse with the second one!! it never goes away. i am literally trying to keep my eyes open around 8 at night....i force myself to at least stay up until 9 ish before i crawl in bed. it's pathetic. also...heartburn. this little one better have some hair on that head cause my heartburn has been significantly worse than grant's was. tums all day err day.

i was visiting a girl the other day and she has a little 3 month old baby and was asking me all kinds of questions about how long i nursed, how i weaned him, when i started feeding him cereal, how he slept....etc. i explained it and in the middle of one of my explanations i just stopped and said "i hate that i have to do all this all over again in like 2 minutes." because guys!!!!! March 3rd is basically 2 minutes away!!! and i know it's going to come so quickly and i won't know what to do with another newborn! why do people say they love the newborn stage so much, anyway???? i mean yeah, they smell good, and they sleep a lot, and they're so dang cute, but if we are being real here, they are so much work and they give me anxiety. people who say they loooooove the newborn stage must have forgotten about the newborn stage.....or they're lying. ;)

i promise i am getting excited for this little girl to join us! i let my insecurities and fears leak out probably more than my excitement does, but i know it's all going to be fine and once i have her in my arms i'll be intoxicated by that newborn smell and it'll be like i "looove" that newborn stage, too. (well...that may be a stretch ;)

we do have a problem, though. we don't know what we're going to call her. we're really not even close to having options for a name, let alone actually picking one out. so friends.....although i've probably heard every name in the book suggested to me....give me some more suggestions!!! you never know when the perfect one will show up! PLEEEEEEEASE! we're desperate, here. 

well, kids, 28 weeks down, 12 to go! bring it on, third tri!


  1. WHAT?! Babies are the best! I LOVE newborns! And I am NOT lying! Haha! And it's not that I've forgotten, either, because I just went through it ;) I've already asked Stephen when we can have another! You have so much LOVE and JOY coming your way!

    1. babies ARE the best....after the newborn stage and my boobs stop bleeding to death. TMI??? maybe. ;)

  2. I have always loved the newborn stage, even with my newborns. You can let grandma take her anytime you want:) I could sit and rock her all day long!!!🙂

    1. well you probably WILL be since i will be living with you after she comes!!! good luck with that :)

  3. I'm one of those weirdos who love the newborn stage. Maybe because my babies start off as practically 6 month olds. I think I'm loving this time around even more because I'm realizing the baby is the easy one! It's the toddler that's giving me a run for my money. 🙈
    Soooo here are my name suggestions.
    Ahh!! Girl names are so fun! Do you guys have any that you like? What about family names?

    1. we totally have similar taste!! i love poppy, indie, naomi, and finley out of the ones you listed...have broth ALL of them up previously to my husband and he banned them all.......ugh..... WHY????!!! he's so difficult.

      we have a couple we like that MAY be prospects...we shall see. and we were gonna use some family names and then we kinda got over the ones we had picked. haha. ugh..story of our life.