Sunday, March 15, 2015

GC: 1 year old pics!

i made a little trip down to pocatello this weekend to get some one year old pictures of grant taken by my oh, so naturally talented sister, kelsey!! i really didn't have anything specific in mind...just wanted some pictures of him so i could remember how dang cute he was at 1! so i stopped at old navy on the way, grabbed an outfit, got to my sisters house, and we hit the park. grant had been pretty grumpy that day so these pictures far exceeded my expectations! they show many different aspects of his funny personality.

he turns one on friday and i have been feeling very nostalgic about it, of course. thinking back to a year ago and what i was doing. a year ago today my mom was in town, waiting for me to have said baby...i had an appointment on monday to tell me if i had progressed any more. i was 3 cm dilated and hoping to hear i had progressed further. it's crazy to think he has been in our life for almost a year, now. i can't fully express the joy he has brought to our lives. if you have know.

it's a weird line, because it's beyond exciting to watch them learn and grow but it's so sad to see time go by so fast!!! i want to freeze every moment! that's why i'm so grateful for these pictures so i can capture just a second of how he was at a year old. so when he's 12 and going through puberty, 16 and going on a first date, or 18 and leaving me to go serve the Lord for 2 years, whatever it may be....i can look back and remember that he used to be my little boy with the cutest/coolest/sweetest personality and how happy i was and am for the privilege to be his mamma.

my baby boy... i'm so excited to celebrate you being in this world with us for a whole year.
we love you.


  1. The thought of that two year mission gets me every time... :'( but that little Grant is pretty great. Always makes me smile. Such a cutie pie :)

  2. Oh my, so cute! These are great photos. :)