Thursday, February 19, 2015

the good, the bad, the ugly...the helmet // pt. 5

i know i posted this on instagram the other day but...we are FINALLY DONE WITH THE HELMET!! and i felt like it needed its very own blog post. the picture above is a picture we took shortly before we got the helmet. and below are the pictures i took the day he got his helmet off. such a big difference!! and yes...his hair has grown a lot! (everyone always says that....)

we went in for our last appointment and he got all the way down to a 2 mm difference! started at a 13, and our goal was in between a 5 and a 0. so he did really good! he's just the best...and the was a love hate relationship.... 

some things we will miss...and some we were definitely ready to be rid of.

list below....

the helmet
 *things we will miss*:

-the protection. i never worried about his growing noggin as he learned to pull himself up, fall down, roll around...he always had his head protected. we were in church last sunday and he was in primary with me and was holding on to the mini chairs, lost balance and fell back on a metal chair.....and i was as cool as a cucumber. he was perfectly fine. just whined a little. the helmet took the blow. he was fine! we will miss that.....

-how cute he looked. we really got used to how he looked in his helmet. and he was pretty darn cute. it got to the point where we thought he looked weird (in a good way) without it! :)

-his grinch hair. i have NO idea how to do his hair now. i mean, boys hair should be pretty simple...but i don't know what to do with it. and before...we would flip a little curl through the hole and it was the cutest little grinch curl i ever saw. 

-the funny looks from strangers. i know that seems weird, but it was kind of fun seeing little kids stare and make funny comments, or making friends with random people in stores who had a daughter/niece/nephew/son/grandson etc. etc. who had to have one as well. it was like a little club we had been initiated into. 

*things we will NOT miss*:

-the smell. his head got stiiiiiinky. he would sweat pretty bad under there, so we would take it off for a little break and it was awful....his head stunk so bad. poor thing.

-washing his head and helmet every. single. night. it got really tiresome at the end of some days having to clean that stinky thing and scrubbing his hair to get that stink out. 

-the bloody noses. i only got a bloody nose once. but still...he hit me in the face with that dang helmet so many times. it did not feel good. and it made snuggling rather uncomfortable. 

-the rashes. sometimes the helmet would irritate his skin on his neck or forehead and leave sores or rashes or acne or something...whatever it was... it looked unpleasant.

overall it really was a good experience. when we first found out we had to have one i wasn't too thrilled about it. but i'm so glad we did it and his head is a normal shape, now. it sure paid off. he only had to have it on for about 4 months, too. and they say 3-6, so we were still on the low end of it! so there you have it....the story of the football head has finished! goodbye plagiocephaly!

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