Friday, February 20, 2015

GC: 11 months

yay! our first official monthly post without the helmet. how fun is that. i just got him up this morning and we didn't have to deal with helmet hair...just bed head...which is really cute. it is getting harder to take pictures of this little guy on the rug because he NEVER wants to stay on most of this photo shoot was me bringing him back to the rug....

this month has gone by so fast! i feel like i just did a monthly post! and i know i say this every month baby will be ONE NEXT MONTH!!!! NEXT MONTH! ugh....whatever. i am feeling very nostalgic about it. i am excited to plan his little party though. is grant at 11 months....

sleep: do we need to cover this again? about how i failed in sleep training my baby and now i am just used to waking up multiple times a night?? no...we don't need to cover this. he still wakes up about once or twice a night and i'm just whatever about it at this point... so there ya have it. 

eating: still breastfeeding! and am pretty proud of myself. i always said my goal was a year but never thought i would get there....and now we are a month away! and i'm trying to figure out how we are going to wean.....we just like it too much sometimes. his appetite has decreased a bit with his solids, though. he was eating about 2 jars each meal and now i can barely get him to eat half a jar. so.....there's that.

milestones: he graduated to a big boy car seat and we love it! he likes that it sits higher up and he can see out the windows better. his top two teeth finally broke through! the top two sides are still working on comin in...i wish they would because some days he is just not so happy and i know it's cause his teeth hurt. he has a total of 4 teeth now. he did finally figure out how to crawl on all fours but he doesn't do it. he only does it if he's crawling toward something he plans to hold on to to stand up. other than that...its still the army crawl. he is doing better at balancing while standing up. we will let go of him and he has really good balance, but gets scared and sits down slowly.
he signs "please" a lot more now! it's very cute, and actually just looks like he's trying to choke himself. we're working on rubbing his chest....not grabbing his throat. haha. he also signs "all done" or "finished" and it's very cute. i'm pretty sure he knows what it means, too.
he's trying to talk more. he started to say "mama" again and has finally figured out "dad" or "dada". he also tryings to say "ball" but mostly just says "bah". he did learn how to say "uh-oh" and it's the cutest ever. every time he drops's "uh-oh!"
we have an app that does animal noises and there's a pig that oinks and then splashes in the mud and he always mimics the mud noise. every time.
we have been working on body parts. singing lots of head, shoulders, knees, and toes. so he now knows where his nose is! sometimes he points at his mouth, but for the most part, he gets it right. we also play lots of patty-cake (his favorite) and he knows how to "roll it" and "mark it with a 'g'". it's so fun to teach him and watch him learn.

some things to remember/maybe some more milestones:
you may not say many words but you love to copy our noises we make. and sometimes you can even match pitch! it's funny.
you have semi-learned to fold your arms during prayer!
you love pointing and poking at everything with your index finger. it's your favorite one.
you love "along came mr. alligator". if you're crying in the car, i will start singing it and you stop crying every time.
you have finally figured out the sippy cup. we had to get a hard top though so you wouldn't chew on it. you are very independent and don't like help with it.
you loooooove giving kisses and i melt every time. dad will bring you into bed with me in the mornings sometimes and you wake me up with slobbery kisses. it's the best.
your hair is looooong. and i dont know what to do with i may cut it. but i probably won't. not yet anyway. :) 

we love you, little boy and can't believe you've almost been in our lives for a year! you give me such purpose and i adore everything about you. thanks for being my little.


  1. He is such a cutie! :) Have a great weekend.

  2. Uriah didn't consistently sleep through the night until he was 14 months old and even then (and still now!) it was 9-11 hours, never 12 or 13 like it seems everyone else's baby does...?! Basically what I'm getting at is just hang in there :) Now when he wakes up in the middle of the night, I sorta love going up to rock him back to sleep because he never does it anymore and I miss it! Though I'm not complaining about my 8 hours of sleep, either ;)

    1. oh good! i love hearing things like this because it makes me feel like i'm not the only person whose baby wasn't sleeping through the night by now. haha. thanks for the input! it really does make me feel better. :)

    2. oh good! i love hearing things like this because it makes me feel like i'm not the only person whose baby wasn't sleeping through the night by now. haha. thanks for the input! it really does make me feel better. :)