Monday, February 17, 2014

taking stock 04 and a diaper bag

Making : final lists on what this babe is gonna need
Cooking : well....wanting to cook some sloppy joes..they sound so good
Drinking : water
Reading: The Night Circus....still....i left it at my parents a couple weeks ago and haven't gotten it back, yet.
Wanting: to order my diaper bag but can't decide which one...more to come on that
Looking: forward to feeling useful again
Playing: katy perry's new cd...over and over
Wasting: thoughts on things that don't matter
Sewing: stttttiiilll not sewing anything. although i had a moment of really wanting to learn the other day...that was a big deal.
Wishing: my husband didn't have strep :( poor guy
Enjoying: the decent nights rest i've had lately
Waiting: for the time to pass so i can go be with my boy
Liking: that i finally got a prenatal massage
Wondering: when i'm going to go into labor...if i'm going to be early...or late....
Loving: sick husbands who love to be loved on
Hoping: i get my hospital bag together before this baby decides to show up
Marvelling: at the shapes my tummy makes as my little one moves inside
Needing: some alone time with my husband
Smelling: scentsy's "sugar cookie" smell i put in my scentsy....yum
Wearing: maxi dress and my statement necklace
Following: some new cute mommy blogs i found through some friends
Noticing: that i'm starting to waddle.....
Knowing: how blessed norman and i have been lately
Thinking: how sparkly my ring looks after i just got it cleaned and rhodium plated :)
Feeling: excited about my birthday {tomorrow!}
Bookmarking: diaper bags
Opening: texts from my favorite people
Giggling: about little elbows and knees and feet making odd shapes on my tummy
Feeling: the bum area....any one else's tail bone hurt when they were pregnant?

now on to some important business. i CANNOT make a decision, people. i have decided which diaper bag {babymel's ella diaper bag} i want but now i can't decide on a color.... i think i have kind of decided on which one i like most, but i want some opinions before i take the plunge and make the purchase. are the options: please tell me which you would prefer and why! {example: you just like the think it will go with everything....etc etc}

so the question i go for one of the top two? simple grey or black? goes with everything? or do i go for one of the 3 patterns? and if so...which one????? just lookin for some opinions on which you like most! thanks, friends.

{all pics from google images}

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  1. The blue and white stripe is super cute! My diaper bag is smaller and I would totally love the extra room, so good choice going for a bigger one :)