Monday, January 6, 2014

NYE & 2014

this year's new years eve was oh so great and fabulous. as every new years celebration is in our family. normally, we start our new years eve with my family and then head to a friends for some sort of celebration that is always happening. however, this year...because we live in the hotel that we're night managers of, we had to be in our apartment in Idaho falls at 10 pm. so....we decided to move to the party to us. my parents and sister and brother in law came to our apartment and we had a smashing amount of food and played games of course...what else. games with my family is always a treat. we were so excited to have my parents home this year for the holidays. they were on their mission last year and the holidays just aren't the same without them. we rang in the new year with red grape sparkling cider and kisses from our spouses. just how we like it.
on new years day we headed to poky to watch the bowl game between Georgia and Nebraska. of course Nebraska won...and it was a fabulous game including an all time record made by our very own Nebraska cornhuskers. and because I didn't feel too well (too much food the night before) we kind of laid low most the day and went over to Norman's family's house for some relaxing family time.
2013 was a good year.
I graduated from cosmetology school.
got my first cosmetology job.
we moved to Idaho falls.
we found out we were news ever.
norman started at a new school and is doing so so very well.
norman got a long-term internship at an engineering office in town.
we decided to move AGAIN to a bigger apartment.
and we are so looking forward to 2014.
we can just feel that it's going to be a big year for our little family that is child is growing in my womb as we speak.
for some reason this year i haven't really felt the desire to make any new years resolutions. i really am just focusing on our new baby and getting ready physically and emotionally for him to join us.
i think that's a big enough task for my year, no?
last year i made the goal of no sugar....
and to try and be more positive in every situation.
 now although the first goal didn't last longer than a few days....whoops. the second goal i really feel i have improved on. although I'm not perfect at looking on the bright side every time anything happens, i feel like my attitude really has shifted a little. i plan to keep working on that and making myself a better person.
i hope all of you have big plans ahead for 2014 as well and i wish you all the best!

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