Tuesday, December 24, 2013

merry christmas eve

Merry Christmas Eve friends! i know we all say this every year but man….christmas came fast this year. norman and i didn't do christmas cards….cause, well, we never do. i think that's maybe a thing people start once they have children? or something? i don't know…but plan on one next year i guess ;)

we are so happy to be on christmas break over here, though! norman is done with finals and did awesome! such a relief to be done. and we have been enjoying our stress-free time together.

 we attended my friend from cosmetology school, brittney's, wedding out in Rockland…which was absolutely beautiful. 

i finally got around to cutting his hair. it was a mess. he looks like my handsome boy again.

we finally watched white christmas. an annual tradition. even if we slept through half of it…...

we finished up last minute christmas shopping {don't worry…still have one more thing to get today…oops}.

we visited one of my dear friends and old roommates, lindsay biddulph, and her cute little family. she just had a new baby boy 3 weeks ago and he is precious i tell you. so so precious. i kept holding him thinking….i can't believe i'm going to have one of these…what am i going to do with one of these???

and we had our annual simpson christmas party at my dad's old work {the institute building in poky}. we had food, visited with family, my sisters, mom and i sang a couple christmas songs as per request, we played ping pong {in which my cousin, mekelle and i were the reigning champs….AGAIN…i don't even know why they try…..and by the way..we had a picture of our victory but it was on my cousins phone…which right after our victorious win…she dropped in the toilet….dang….} and of course..santa came to visit and norman and him had a nice chat about all things fishing. 

so….so far so good. and all the good stuff starts now. christmas eve with normans family! christmas morning with mine! it's going to be epic. i know it. 

hope everyone has a very very merry christmas.

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