Tuesday, September 3, 2013

my one and only camping trip

friends....I didn't blog ALL of august. and i'm disappointed in myself....
i haven't been blogging cause i've been exhausted driving back and forth between idaho falls and Pocatello for the last month and a half.
and our computer is broken...so...therefore no blogging allowed.
but we did have a little bit of fun in august.
we went to 7 peaks in Salt Lake City with Norman's family and my cousin and her little family. that was really fun. {no pictures though..sorry}
and this last weekend I went on my first and last camping trip of the summer season. it was all I ever wanted. 


it was only for one night. and we mostly just fished...and ate food...and hung out by the fire. and all of us look super cute when we're camping. and I am convinced that we have the best group of married friends ever. like ever ever.
I mean we hung out around the campfire and talked about boy stuff and girl stuff and poop and peeing and marriage and movies and everything that bff's talk about. I seriously love all these couples and I feel like it's really rare to find a group of people where ALL the husbands and ALL the wives like each other...like a lot {and we're even missing a few people....kir...}. it seriously is the best and I am so sad that we're all starting to go our separate ways.
norm and I moved to Idaho falls.
kir and McKay moved to Kennewick.
jess and jared moved to Rexburg.
it's still relatively close, but it's the beginning of our eventual split. and it makes me so sad. I tell norman every time we hang out with everyone {probably more than that} that I am so sad cause I don't think we'll EVER find a better group of friends.
they are so great. love 'em all.
anyway...moral of the story is...camping was a blast. and I wished I could've gone more this summer but....that's ok. i'm ready for the beautiful fall season and I can't stop thinking of crunchy leaves and orange and red and pies and stuffing and pumpkins and cool air and sweaters and boots and scarves and all things that come with fall! it's my favorite.
hope all is well with everyone!

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