Monday, January 7, 2013

weekend in island park.

after our new years celebrations, i had a bit of recovery ahead of me. on wednesday i got the stomach flu and thursday morning we were scheduled to head to island park for the weekend with norman's family and some of their friends that have a cabin up there. {they are so nice to let us come with them}.
i didn't feel super great the whole trip so i didn't do any sledding or other snow adventures, but look at this absolutely stunning view.
{i took this on the back of the truck while driving in to the unplowed driveway}

so what did i do, you ask? well, we played lots of games like bananagrams, scrabble slam {word games aren't my thing...}, 7 up 7 down, and of course some nerts.
there was lots of food, so everyone ate tons, which i would've loved normally, but i still had a tender tummy....stupid.
we also watched movies, and i read my book and took this fabulous picture of my bookmark and sent it to my friend {who is the one in the picture}.

all in all it was very enjoyable and relaxing. my sister-in-law had to leave early saturday morning to get back to pocatello, so norman and i drove with her since i wasn't feeling too great the night before.
i caught this pic of the sun rising behind the tetons.

it was a pretty drive and i stayed awake during almost all of it...once we hit idaho falls though..i was done for...that's such a boring stretch.
anywho..hope everyone else is enjoying their winter break! for most people, school started today, but for us lucky {or rather, pretty unlucky} isu students...we have til the 14th! woot woot!


  1. Loved catching up on your blog! You are a doll. Sad I missed you over christmas break, but it sounds like you had a great holiday! (aside from the illness that is) I can't believe you guys are out until the 14th! Brats!

    1. well..i need a blog update from you ASAP missy....and i'm really sad i missed you over break. but we shall see each other soon! i will be sure of it!

  2. The flu must really be going around!! Everyone's getting it!