Saturday, January 5, 2013

NYE 2013

new years eve celebrations are always a good time and this year was no different.
i usually pull double duty on NYE because my family always plays games and has food, and then my friends always have a party as well. so usually i'll start with the family, then ring in the new year with friends.
this year we had lots of food...{that actually led to me being ill...still am..ugh..nothing like ringin in the new year with some barf}

this wasn't even half the food we was delicious. after we pigged out for a bit, norman, me, kelsey, her friend andrew, and katie and cameron all played a round of catch phrase {in which i think the girls usual}.
then it was time for us to head over to my friend, kirsten's house for a nye celebration which included:

mario kart:

ping pong:

food, drinks, and fabulous friends:

{if you're wondering why my cheeks are so red, that would be because we were playing around the world ping was getting rather hot}


it was a really fun evening and i can't imagine any other way to bring in my new year than rapidly finishing a game of "around the world ping pong", running upstairs to hurry and fill everyone's glasses up with our yummy drink, and then having about 10 seconds to spare to count down to the new year with best friends, a drink, and yet another kiss from my sweet husband.
here's to 2013 and all it may bring!
happy new year!

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