Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brittany's home!

my sister-in-law, brittany, went on an lds mission to Edmonton Canada and has been gone for the last year and a half. and thursday she came home! it was so exciting.

so this is how it went.

we all got ready to go see her {dressed nicely because immediately after we were to go to the stake center for her to be released}

we were very excited.

so there's this website that allows you to track the flight so you can see on a map where the plane is at. so of course we all had been doing this, and so as we're headed to the airport to wait for her to fly in from salt lake to pocatello {really short flight} we look at our tracker and it says she has not yet left salt we wait...

then it's announced:

"flight from salt lake has been grounded due to no visibility"

there had been the great storm that night {which the national weather people ended up calling "gandolf"} and it didn't look like brittany would be coming home until the next day.   

{while we were waiting i got a picture of the three normans...they're all rather silly}

so we all went to eat at chapala's to wait to hear from brittany and to decide what to do about her being stranded in salt lake. {I-15 was also there would be no driving to go get her}.
she called and said that they let them off the plane after sitting there for 2 hours and once they got off they boarded them again telling them they just needed to "de-ice" the plane and fill up with gas.

so they filed back on and we finished our meal at chapala's.
we still weren't sure she was going to we kept checking the tracker to see if she was moving.

well we headed back to norman's parents house and when we got there, i checked my phone and it said she was flying...and she was already over ogden!! so we hurried and got in the car and drove to the airport.

we barely got there before she did but between bathroom breaks and feeling hectic...we missed her plane landing.
i walked out of the bathroom and saw some lights flashing through the window and that her airplane? and then i saw people walking out from the gate....and i spotted her through the window!

so i yelled for joy {that's her moms name...i was literally yelling for come over}.
and her dad and my husband were no where to be found.
so it was just heather {her sister}, joy, and i.    

we eventually found everyone else...but it was rather anticlimactic. 
everyone was just so frantic.

but we had a fabulous weekend.
she got released the following day and then we celebrated christmas together.
{we waited to open presents til she came home}.
it was really fun and we're soooo glad to have her home!   

also, my niece, quinn, is in the hospital {virus in her lungs} and so we went up and visited her for a while and got this pic. :)

 adorable, right?
:) on to starting school on monday. ugh...but hey, the good news is it's my last semester of cosmetology school.
yay for me!


  1. Hi! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award in this post:

  2. You are just the cutest. So fun to have her home! ps. I love all your posts and for some reason my computer is being lame and not letting me comment sometimes....but just know I read them all and love them. missss you!