Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013...its time

i'm finally in the mood.
i'm babysitting.
kids are fed and put down for naps.
i just finished last nights episode of private practice.
i have a warm blanket wrapped around me.
and a puppy sleeping on my lap.
i'm in goal writing mood.
now i'll just tell ya right now, i'm not very good at goal making. actually...i guess i'm good at goal making...just not so good at goal keeping. like most people around new years...i make a goal at the beginning of the year and by february i've bailed.
on a drive home from utah one girls weekend, my sister asked me what my new years resolutions were....and i didn't even have any. hadn't even thought about it. so we talked and i really thought about what i wanted to accomplish this year.
and i found a couple goals.
just a couple, though. i gotta keep it simple, people.

1. no sugar...or something like that.
  just after the new year, from what i assume was eating too much crap over the holiday, i got the stomach flu. and it lasted a solid 3 ish days. ugh...and during my snuggle session with my husband while sick i said...let's make a no sugar goal this year.
he was all for it, cause he's been wanting to do some kind of food goal this year {he first mentioned going 6 months bein a vegetarian and i vetoed that real quick}.
so, because i was sick and absolutely nothing sounded good to me at that moment...i thought...yeah...i can go without sugar for a year.
well once i started getting my appetite back...i took that thought back. so we just set some basic ground rules. our goal is to try and eat better in general and not eat so much junk. so far some of our set rules are these:
absolutely no candy
no baked goods {cookies, cake, brownies, etc..}
aaaaand that's about it.
we haven't come up with "exceptions" yet. like birthdays and what not. but so far...we haven't had candy or baked goods ALL YEAR!! WOOT WOOT! we'll see how we do.
but our main goal is to be more aware of what we're putting into our bodies.

2. choose to be happy 
i have been reading this blog for some time now and she has some really good insights on life. she's been through a lot and has a lot to share that is so positive and uplifting.
one thing is simply to "choose to be happy"
it seems rather simple. but is so hard. i remember when i was growing up and someone really pissed me off, i would say something like "they just made me so angry!" and my dad would always say "they didn't make you're choosing to be angry because of what they did."
and i hated it.
i hated that response.
but it's true.
 i want to be in control of me. and my emotions. and i really want to choose to happy even in the hardest of situations. and it takes a lot of practice. somebody does something bothersome and you feel that anger rise in your chest. or something awful happens and you want to sulk and be sad about it.
i want to choose to be happy. to find the good. {easier said than done}. but it's so healthy and this woman has shown me that it's possible. it's hard. but possible.
and i have a whole year to start trying. doubt i'll be there by the end of the year, but i am going to make a conscious effort to attempt to make it a habit, for it to become my natural reaction instead of anger, sadness, fear, etc. etc.
so there you have it. my goals for 2013.
good luck to me!
and good luck to all of you!


  1. choose to be happy...WELL SAID :)

    funny, that was my goal too! rephrased as do what i love more

  2. Those are both two very good goals!

  3. I would love to give the 'choose to be happy' mindset to my sister who is going through a hard time at the moment - I wish you all the success in your goals!
    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights

  4. Choosing to be happy...why is that so hard?? I mean, obviously our lives would be better for it? Yet we continue letting small, unimportant things bother us. Sheesh! I guess what I'm trying to say is good goal. :)

    P.s. thanks for stopping by my blog! Made my day! Hope to see you around those parts more! :)

    1. i don't know why we let unimportant things bother us..but it's only halfway through january and i'm already not doing so hot. haha this is hard stuff!

  5. great goals!
    i can't do completely without sugar (my husband has type 1 diabetes so sometimes he has to have it) but i am all for eating and being healthier.
    and choosing to be happy is way more important than i think we realize.

    thanks for stopping by my blog cute girl!


  6. i totally agree about choosing to be happy. oh i hope you do it! i can't. i've tried.
    & the sugar thing....... adsl;fjasl;kgjasd;glkjasd;lgkj

    we will do it together. yeah?

    also, the picture you used... it's supposed to be letterpress type... but letterpress type is actually backwards so it can be printed forwards... so i guess i'm confused as to why that type is forward... anyways. nerd alert.

    1. hahah i love the "i can't. i've tried." that made me laugh. but like i said up there in an earlier comment...i am already doing terrible. my husband even said something to me about it...haha. uh oh. i'll try harder. :)

      but i enjoyed your "nerd" comment about the letterpress type business....made me laugh. :)