Saturday, December 31, 2011


This Christmas was a fun one and Norman and I got spoiled ROTTEN by our families. They are so sweet to us.

This post is probably going to be somewhat boring and mostly informative. it goes:

Christmas Eve's Eve we had our annual Simpson family party at the institute involving lots of food, lots of family, and my favorite....PING PONG! It was a lot of fun and I got to see a lot of family that I only see a couple times a year. We had a great time.

Christmas Eve
we went to Normans parents house and ate food, opened presents and had a good time together.

Then Christmas day we went to church with Normans parents and afterwards got to talk to my sister-in-law Brittany! It was so great and we miss her so much! She only has 1 year left! We can't wait.

After that we went to Normans parents, opened presents, and then rushed to my parents to catch a ride with Katie and Cameron up to Idaho Falls to spend the evening with my family.

We have the tradition of going up to my Grandma, my nephew, and my uncle's graves, put mini Christmas tree's on their graves, and sing Christmas carols. There's something really sweet about a quiet night, a snowy cemetery, and a capella Christmas songs. It's always pretty special for us all.

Afterwards, my Aunt Ray made a fabulous dinner. We then drove home and our family {including my sister and her husband, my husband and myself, and my parents} plays an annual Christmas game that is an UNREAL amount of fun. There are tons of presents and battling for them. This year was quite interesting, arm wrestling, unwrapping presents with bare feet and oven mitts. Talk about quite the evening. {one that didn't end til 3 am}

SO that was our Christmas and we are so grateful for great family that we love and who love us.

Sorry for no pictures this time. We had so much fun we forgot to get out the camera. Maybe I'll steal some from my mom and put them up.

Happy Holidays!

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