Friday, April 3, 2015

GC: 12 month stats

we finally had this little guy's 12 month appointment the other day! i kind of always love these appointments...i love seeing how he's growing and hearing the doctor and nurse tell me how great he is :) 

we also weighed and measured this are the stats:

weight: 20 lbs 11 oz       percentile: 37th
height: 29 1/2"              percentile: 30th
head: 18 1/4"                 percentile: 56th

sooooooo he's turning into the short little cutie we knew he would be.... with a big head :) well....a normal head, small body. poor kid. also at this appointment he had his immunizations! poor guy had 4 pokes and wasn't too thrilled about it, naturally. once i laid him down on the table he was already upset...i feel like he knew what was coming... he started shaking when she gave them to him .. :( broke my heart. then as i calmed him down...we had to go down the hall and get his finger poked for his lead and iron test. he did pretty good with that one and was intrigued by the little bandaid she put on his finger....he kept thinking it was a piece of food, i think.  

so, you guys...we started weaning...............
and it's actually been going pretty well. i have had him fully weaned off of me during the day since he turned one. so now i feed him once at night, and sometimes twice in the morning (like once at 5:30 am, and then once at 7:30 when he wakes up for the day). but i'm working on just feeding him once at night and once in the morning. and then i'll slowly start getting rid of the others. i'm ready to be done. as sad as i am about it....i'm as equally ready to be done. i have loved nursing this little guy and i know he looooooooves it and would probably nurse until he's 17 but he ONLY wants it for comfort now. and i need sleep. he's been teething lately and i can tell he's not feeling good when he comes up to me in the day and whines and pulls at my shirt and wants to nurse and it's kind of the cutest thing ever and kind of're done, quit trying to pull my shirt off. 

plus, he loves whole vitamin D milk. once we finally got him to figure out the sippy cup, he's been all about it. so that's been helpful in the weaning process. 

well i really don't have anything much to say over here, other than i wanted to document his doctors appointment.... so....kind of a boring post, sorry. it's more for me than for you though soo.....get over it. thanks. :)

we did get to go on a little trip to utah last weekend with friends to see the jazz and oklahoma city play! it was nice having grant weaned so we could go for the day and i didn't have to worry about it! i only had to pump once in the evening when i would've normally fed him before bed. but we had the best time with our friends! it's so nice to get away and not have to worry about kiddos (even though i missed him the whole time mom over here) and reconnect with each other. the drive there and back was probably the best part! i always love our talks we have and games we play together on long car rides. anyway!!! i hope you all have a fun and happy easter weekend! now i gotta go get my baby who just woke up from a 30 minute's one of those days..... :/

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