Tuesday, February 11, 2014

baby shower #2

baby shower #2 {and my last} was on saturday. this one was my friend shower, thrown by three of my besties: Jessica, Kelsey, and Kirsten. they did such a cute job. i absolutely loved it and we had a really good turnout. i'm tellin ya, people. i just have the greatest friends. and all of them are fabulous gift-givers...by the way.
i'm doin my nursery in kind of an outdoorsy theme, so they threw me a bit of an outdoorsy shower. it was so cute. well....vvv just see for yourself vvv

kaylee, matti {baby halle}, cory, and debbie

stacie, me {my buttons under my sweater look real cool when i'm sitting down, btw}, savannah, and chelsey

brittney, sam, and andrea

nikki, jordan, and elilai

the whole gang!

these two cuties are kelsey and jessica, two of the three who threw my shower. kirsten is also pregnant {due like a week after me...} and she lives in washington, so she wasn't able to come...husband wouldn't let her travel by herself during third trimester...understandable. but she did all the invitations and thanks you's.

i really can't say thank you enough to these two, kirsten, and all who came to support my little boy and i {and norman,too, i guess.......} ;) we really couldn't do it without all of you and we feel all your love!! so thanks, again.

and guys, just so you know...i was dying of heat in this picture...hence the super rosy cheeks. i don't know why i insist on wearing so many layers to things like this...i always get so hot. also...i colored my hair...cause the ombre thing didn't really work out how we planned....by no one's fault, really. my hair just wasn't cooperating how i wanted it to...so i just gave it a solid brown and called it good for now. 

next on the list of pampering? prenatal massage this weekend {if i can squeeze in on v-day weekend somewhere....} and then a mani/pedi with my sisters and mom in a few weeks. seriously can't wait for both of these things....i need some serious lovin'. bein pregnant is haaaaard. 

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  1. What an amazing baby shower, such sweet friends you have. :)