Tuesday, June 18, 2013

i'm gonna brag a bit...

i'm just gonna brag for a second about this boy right here...

so first of all....he's probably one of the most handsome men....ever. and now that we got that important fact out of the way i want to talk about something else i admire about this boy.

so first of all..i have a short story...an anecdote, if you will.

i was at work the other day and a lady came in to get her hair cut. well, it turns out that this lady is of little means, not quite all there {mentally}, doesn't have a car, and walks everywhere she goes.
after her haircut was finished she had a check but nothing else to pay with...and we don't accept checks of course. so she had no way to pay...as i'm watching this conversation between her and my co-worker unfold with a handful of people sitting in the waiting area listening, i lock eyes on an older gentleman...maybe 60's...and he immediately, without any hesitation, raises a hand and says "i'll pay for her haircut."
it was such a fast reaction...i doubt he even thought about it before he said it. 
my co-worker asked, "do you know her?" he replied with a "no" and the lady turns and refuses to take his offer. she explains that she is going to leave to get some money and come back.

 so she leaves...and is gone for probably an hour or so. the man that offered finally gets his own hair cut and at the end gives us enough money to cover the woman's haircut, like he said he would, and left. 

the lady comes back to pay and we tell her that it's paid for. she seemed almost bothered by this because she wanted to repay this man. she even said "well now what am i going to do?" and my co-worker replied:

"pay it forward"   

i loved that.
the whole situation brightened my day.

i thought about this man who without a moments hesitation offered to pay for the haircut and expected nothing in return.

i immediately thought of my husband.

norman is one of the best example of selfless service i have ever seen. every time we run into someone we know anywhere, after we're done chatting he will ask them if they need help with anything, and if they do, to call him. and he means it. he doesn't just say "let me know if i can help" to sound like a good person. he is a genuinely good person who wants to help everyone and anyone he comes in contact with. 

i'm not like this at all, guys.
that sounds really bad, but it's the harsh truth.
  a lot of the time growing up i was not excited about service projects. and sometimes when norman offers us to help someone move or feed them dinner or whatever it may be...i still whine about it.

recently, however, i had this amazing overwhelming moment of wanting to be that person that others can count on for anything. someone who can be depended upon and trusted. it was strong and it hit me like a jackhammer to the chest {in a good way?}. 
i'm just glad i have a husband who is the ultimate example of what i strive to be like. he gives me motivation every day. and i love him for it.

oh, and in other fabulous bragging news:
norman applied for a civil engineering internship at the city of pocatello. it was supposed to be for senior status only, but he applied anyway. 
it was narrowed down to 3 people to interview and he was one of those 3.
he went to the interview {looking dashing with his new haircut from yours truly} and found out the following week that he got it!
i was so very proud of him.
not only that but they are going to match his pay that he is currently receiving while working for the street department!

oh, the blessings we've received lately because of that boys good deeds. 
i'm one lucky woman.   



  1. Tell "Norma" way to go! :) So...does that mean you guys are staying in Poky or are you still moving to IF?

    1. his internship is only for the summer :)

  2. (insert clapping emoji) GREAT story! So inspirational!

  3. brag all the way :) you two are so cute!

    jerry actually got a job this time so we're moving to seattle! AH!

  4. answering your question here :)
    but yes, jerry got a job at boeing yay! did you husband apply there?