Wednesday, May 29, 2013

hey guys, still here!

hey friends.
 i haven't really had anything to blog about for a i just haven't been blogging. and i feel weird about it. i don't like it.

so i guess i'll just tell ya what i've been doin lately.

i got my first big-girl-panties job.
i started working at great clips! woot woot!
it's a really good starter job to get my speed up and it makes pretty good money. so i was all about that. i've really enjoyed it so far.

we had a pretty great memorial day weekend.
my cousin, her husband, and their litlte zane came down and stayed with norman and i.

we went out to dinner, played some nerts {of course}, visited mckee's pet store, made treats, played croquet, and...some more nerts. we then did the usual grave visits and lunch with the fam.
i also got to meet my sisters new boyfriend, josh. i didn't get to talk to him lots but he seemed pretty great and i'm excited to get to know him better.

so...pretty fun and eventful weekend.

{baby zane and i...i look like a fool, i know... i was trying to get him to smile}

but if i'm being honest.....
most of my time has been spent watching this:

i literally watched 12 episodes yesterday, guys.
but i am currently all caught up! so that's the good news.
i love it.

so anywho, friends. i hope everyone else has had a good month of may. i'm excited for some summery things to start happening! yay for warmer weather!

p.s. watched the bachelorette, too.....should be an interesting season.


  1. I worked at Great Clips too :) It really is a nice little place to start out. Hope you're enjoying doing hair!!