Tuesday, May 14, 2013

he's the best...

it was a summer afternoon in late august years ago {2011}...norm and i were laying on our bed chatting/relaxing. school was starting in a few weeks.
i was all signed up to start ASL interpretation at ISU. 
I'd met with the coordinator of the program.
i was all signed up for classes.
i'd transferred my degree over from BYU-I.
 i was ready to go.
but i'd been having second thoughts.

did ASL interpretation really sound that fun after i graduate?
is this really something i want to do forever?
if i don't do this...what am i gonna do...i've gone through so many majors.

and then i had a thought...

ISU's cosmetology program is pretty good....
i've really always wanted to do it...

then i had some other thoughts...

but people will think it's a cop out...
and am i even good at hair?
i'm not really a girly girl...
maybe i shouldn't....
i would have to quit my job that i love...
could we even afford to do that?
i don't know what to do...
i'll ask norm.

so, back to laying on our bed...

i hesitantly said, "norman? i want to ask you something. but i'm nervous to ask you about it." so of course he's intrigued and starts prying it out of me as i get more and more hesitant and nervous.

"i think i want to do cosmetology at ISU."

and you guys....this is why i married the guy. the conversation went like this:

"you do? well then let's make it happen!"
"i'd have to quit Molinelli's"
"babe, we'll figure it out."
"i don't even know if i will be good at it"
"that's what you go to school for."
"i still don't know how we're gonna afford to do it."
"we'll look into it. i want you to go in to something you love and if this is it, we'll make it happen."

now honestly, i should've known he would respond like this because he's the best husband ever, but, i really didn't expect him to. i expected him to respond like most other people did.

"really?? ....i did not picture you as someone who would go in to that."
"are you sure?"

and then there's always that "face" you get when you tell people what your major is.
and what's funny about it is everyone who thinks it's so dumb to major in cosmetology most likely goes to a cosmetologist to get their hair did....hmmmmm....

so anywho..after graduation on friday i felt incredible.
i had made a goal.
i had finished a goal.
and i was proud of myself.
and so was norman.

he told me countless times how proud he was of me and how big of a deal it was. and as we were walking to our car after the ceremony i stopped him and truly thanked him for supporting me and being one of the few people who was completely behind me the whole time. for never making fun or teasing me for going to "beauty school." or telling me he "didn't see me as someone who would do that."

he was completely supportive and was excited for me.
because i do love it.
and he knew that.

i love him so much for that. he'll never know how much it meant.

so thanks, boo. couldn't have done it without you.


  1. I am proud of you as well and I always knew that you would make a great cosmetologist!! I never had any doubts about that!!! :Love you

  2. I love this! What an awesome hubby you have!

  3. thank you everyone! i really appreciate all the kind comments :)