Tuesday, April 2, 2013

a little story from the south

so remember how in this post how i said that norman, my mom, and i went to "kill some time in a big way"? well i have a story for you.

so after we dropped off kelsey and my dad we were brainstorming what to do til we met up with norman's cousin in a couple hours for breakfast. well, my mom had looked up a bunch of famous people's addresses and so she suggested we go find their houses. i thought it was a fun plan...so off we went.

closest to us was faith hill and tim mcgraw. so we put it in the gps and a-searching we went. they literally live up on this hill on a dead end street that takes about 80 turns to get to. so we pull up and this is what we see:    

and i'm thinkin....naaaaah...this isn't it. it's too small! i mean....it's big...but for my good friends tim and faith....it looked a little small. so we throw the car in park, i get out and take this quick picture, get back in the car and i'm re-googling the address to make sure my mom got it right. i'm lookin up pictures of their house and right when i get to a picture that proves that yes, this is indeed their house...i hear my mom gasp and say oh no! as she is suddenly throwing the car into reverse. i look up and their garage door is opening.

my heart sunk!! my mom was blocking their driveway and doing about a 16-point turn in this dead end street to try to move as i'm yelling mom! go!!! GOOO!! WHAT IF IT'S THEM!?? HURRY!!! 
and let me tell you...they were BOOKIN it out of that driveway...like, it's street cleaning day and i gotta move my car, fast...i was nervous.
so their right on our tail, of course, because my mom took so long to turn around, and i'm still yelling and then i think....wait....what if it IS them? i need a picture...so i throw my phone up without looking and took this picture:

so i'm in the backseat and i tell my mom to slow down so i can get a better pic and so i can see who it is. so i peak out the back window and it's TOTALLY FAITH HILL!!!
i was dying. not beacuse i was necessarily star struck but because i felt so stupid. she was right on the butt of our car. thought she was gonna kill us.

but i don't care of course...so i shamelessly take another picture. 

so then norman is like...k we need to lose her so she's not following us all the way out of the neighborhood. so we turn on some random street and stop....and as we do ....i of course take another picture. {which ended up bein the best one i have}.

she even kindly turned her head for me so i could get a good face shot. :)

so we calm down...all of our hearts are racing a mile a minute...and we turn the car around to head out of the neighborhood. well, as we turn the corner and start driving down the hill.....she's coming back.....and she passes us....yes, i'm talkin about faith. and she gave us a look as she passed. we were all torn whether it was a scowl or just a glance....guess we'll never know. but i'm pretty sure she was chasing the weirdos that were parked in front of her house out of the neighborhood. 

or maybe she was in a hurry and forgot something?

well....whatever....i saw faith hill. :) 


  1. hahaha this is too funny!! 16 point turn?! HA! gosh this post gave me a good laugh :) and way to get some pictures!
    ...If I remember correctly, we saw their "starter home" in Brentwood near where the mission home is! It was a pretty big starter home, if you ask me!

    1. yeah! i ran into your in-law's, of course :) and he told me about this "starter home" ....crazy. but it was so fun! :)

  2. Hahahaha oh this story is classic!!!! I love it, I had to read it to my husband, he is cracking up.

    1. haha i'm glad you guys got a good laugh...we sure did....so embarrassing. haha.

  3. Haha this is awesome! That is SOO crazy! I have loved reading about your Tennessee adventures, sounds like you had a blast! You're the coolest, the end.

  4. Haha this is awesome! That is SOO crazy! I have loved reading about your Tennessee adventures, sounds like you had a blast! You're the coolest, the end.