Monday, March 4, 2013


so, all day at school today i was sitting in a classroom listening to lecture.
i mean, i went to cosmetology school to DO stuff you know? i don't want to sit in a classroom all day.


we were learning about minky's.
{and the afternoon was a color class from redken which is always fun, too. so i don't know why i'm whining...i guess i'm really not}.
but i want to talk about minky's for a second.

so i attend cosmetology school at Idaho State University. and it has been fabulous so far and i don't regret choosing this school for one second. it has been absolutely fabulous. i love my fellow students, i love my instructors, i love how they teach, i love hair.
so it made me love it even more when my instructor, bobbi, informed us that she had pulled some strings to get an ISU Cosmetology alumni, who now works at aesthetics by physicians, and who is trained as a minky's eyelash extensionist to come train us in minky's extensions as well.


a lot of my friends that have graduated have had to travel and pay out of pocket {and it is a lot of money....btw} to go get certified to do eyelash extensions.

so not only do i get to do it at school and have my current tuition already paying for it...but by the time i graduate i'll be able to put on my resume that i am minky's certified!
and let me tell ya...minky's is one of the best eyelash extension companies there is and i am so excited that i get to be a part of that and become officially certified!

seriously?! i feel so blessed to have this opportunity.

so anywho....if anyone needs their eyelashes done here in the near know who to call :)

**i'll be putting up before and after pictures of the models i do here on the blog.


  1. Next time I am in Idaho I will be paying you a visit. I have always wanted to try those!

    1. i will totally do your eyelashes for you! :) and you're gonna love them!

  2. Lash extension training can get so expensive, that's great you get it included. I just had a Redken color class today too. It's so fun to get inspired by new trends.

  3. Awesome Morg! I totally want to try them sometime:) missss you... like really. Me, you, kelle, sav... need a reunion, ok deal.