Tuesday, January 22, 2013

abc's of me

so here i am....sitting in the study lounge of the engineering building on isu campus.
my husband had a study group after school and we drove together...therefore...i shall read, instagram, look up cars i want to buy, apartments i want to move to, random "top" lists on forbes website {i weirdly do that quite often}, and most importantly, blog. :)
i was searchin through some blogs and i found this girls blog who did a little "abc's of me" dealio. i have some other things i need want to blog about, but this one is easy and fast and i'm tired, guys. plus i got some reading to do in my book. {the book thief...anyone read it?..i hear it's good. i'm only on page 46}.
so here we go.
the abc's of me
A: available or married?
married {thank goodness}
B: book?
crap... i just told you...the book thief.
wait..this is a vague question. is this asking me my favorite book? or the book i'm currently reading? hmm...oh well...you got your answer and i'll leave it at that.
C: cake or pie?
pie....if it's apple....cake...if it's BTS cake.
D: drink of choice?
juice...or dr. pepper
E: essenital item?
my iphone...{wish i could say something else}.
F: favorite color?
i don't really have one...that's boring...i'll go with blue's
G: game to play or watch?
H: hometown?
pocatello, idaho.
I: indulgence?
oreos and milk
J: job?
current full time student
{as in 8-5 mon-fri}
K: kids and names?
haven't had any yet...but i have all their names :)
L: life is incomplete without?
norm. my boy.
M: music group or singer?
hmm i hate the "favorite" question...i can't commit to something like that. but i really like carrie underwood. {and lots of other stuff...don't peg me under "country lover"....it's hurtful}
N: number of siblings?
3 sisters
O: oranges or apples?
apples...i hate pulp
P: phobias or fears?
lets go with the ocean

Q: favorite quote?
it's actually a whole poem...but i'll just go with the end of it:
"i am the master of my fate, i am the captain of my soul"
{from invictus by william ernest henley...go read the whole thing...it's really good}
R: reason to smile?
i'm in my last semester before graduating. yay for me!
S: season?
T: tattoo?
no ma'am.
{i don't know why i assume it's a girl asking these questions}
U: unknown fact about you?
i really like natural disasters.....i'm morbid...it's weird. they intrigue me.
V: vegetable you love?
corn...the only one i love.
W: worst habit?
my eating habits...as a whole.
X: x-rays you've had?
one. on my hips. my leg is a quarter of an inch shorter than the other.
Y: your favorite food?
Z: zodiac?
well that was fun. if anyone wants to join in, just comment below and leave a link to your blog!


  1. I can creepily say that I can answer the exact same on 90% of these questions.

    1. for real?? i feel like we should be friends like....right now.

  2. So excited to follow your blog! Congrats on this being your last semester of school. :)

  3. natural disasters.. you are morbid haha. Also, the 'don't peg me as a country lover' line killed me. hahah you are the coolest.

    1. linds....i know...it's embarrassing....thanks for saying i'm the coolest though. that really upped my spirits :)

  4. This is a super cute idea! Love your blog. Thanks for checking out my blog. Would love for you to become a follower:) xoxo Jessi

  5. I joined in on the fun! Lots of our answers were the same or close to the same.
    Good stuff :]

    brandenandaubri.blogspot.com :)

  6. good luck with your last semester! this was fun to read :) xo


    thanks for the sweet blog comment

  7. that is a fun little exercise :) oreos & milk...soo good.

  8. This is such a cute idea!! I love that we have no kids, but I could tell you all their names! Glad I am not the only one!! cute blog!!

  9. Ha, my Iphone is maybe one of my favourite items, I wish it wasn't so too. At least you are honest!

    Em x

  10. Hi Morgan!! you have a lovely blog and consider me your newest follower!! Now this is so much fun the "ABC's of me" such a fun way to get to know someone, especially fellow bloggers! I definitely share letters A,D,E, R,S & Y with you, except that 'R' for me is more like a year not a semester!


    1. we share a lot in common i see. :) thanks for following!

  11. i love this idea!!! & i hate to admit it, but i also have a weird fascination with natural disasters...unless they are happening where i live..haha oops.

    new follower :)