Sunday, June 10, 2012

a little bit crazy. a little bit fun.

we have been pretty busy over here at the reece's/rhoades'/riley's
{yes, these are all the last names of those currently living under one roof }

i don't know if i mentioned this before, but, norman and i moved into my parents house over memorial day weekend in preparation for my parents leaving on their mission.

well, i also went to puerto rico, as you know, to help my sister come back to idaho for a summer visit.

she is also living with us. along with her 4 beautiful daughters under the age of 5 :)

it definitely makes for a busy household of 9.

so first of all:

quinn and rian {kelsey's twin 8 month olds} got sick with bronchitis....or something like that, and had to go to the hospital :(

norm cuddling quinn at the hosptial

they stayed for 5 days and then came home somewhat healthy. Rian is still on oxygen but she's doing well.

norm and i had fun with the other 2 kids at home and taught london how to wink.

so dang funny...i could not stop laughing.

then, my cousin, mekelle, had this little guy:

zane alexander wood

he is adorable, i can't stand it.
and she is a champ and a happy mother.

we went and visited them in heber on friday evening and then saturday norm, my mom, kelsey, katie,cameron and i went to
{these people are my husband, 2 sisters, mom, and brother in law}

car ride to lagoon

in line for of our fav's

me and norm in front, kelsey in middle, katie and cam in 3rd taking picture...although we did convince her to go on the ride later on that day

after colossus..{the roller coaster}....and norm thinkin he's funny. he has a hard time taking a normal picture...i apologize :)

stamped hands

afterwards we went and got some dinner at Chili's and then headed home.

it was a fabulous day! so much fun to get out and not worry about the kiddos and head to a theme park! :)

although we did miss my dad {who caught the babie's bronchitis} and my sister linsey and her husband, who live in florida, so obviously couldn't make it.

but i don't feel too bad because they left this morning for a cruise .... lucky dogs.

so quite eventful it has been.
i love summer.

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